The Corus Group of Long & Foster
Providing expert real estate assistance to homebuyers and sellers
throughout the Washington DC metropoliltan area.


About Us

The Corus Group of Long & Foster serves clients throughout the Washington metro area.  We assist buyers and sellers of condos, townhouses, and single family homes within all price ranges.  We've conducted over $1 billion in real estate transactions over the past decade and are consistently ranked among the best real estate teams in the area.

We're known for our high level of expertise, the deep resources of our team, and our flexible approach.

Our Expertise.  Our group of agents has over 70 years of combined real estate experience.  Many of our brokers and agents have advanced degrees in law or business, and have conducted some of the area's most complex real estate transactions.  Together, we know how to achieve the best deals, we understand the pitfalls of real estate transactions, we know the area street-by-street and house-by-house.

Our Team.  When you work with the Corus Group, your agent is backed up by the resources of over 20 team members.  If you're a buyer looking across multiple towns or states, we can call on the specific geographical expertise of each team member.  If you're a seller, our team has experts in staging, marketing, negotiation, and post-contract logistics.  And on any transaction, our group of senior team members is available to help on the most complex problems.

Our Flexible Approach.  Since 2001, we've been known for our friendly no-pressure approach.  We understand that every buyer is different, and we tailor our representation to each client's needs.  Some clients want to find a home quickly and others want to move more slowly.  Many of our first-time homebuyers homebuyers have questions about the process while our sophisticated investors want guidance in finding unique deals.  Whatever your situation may be, you can count on us to help.


The Corus Group of Long & Foster